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26 Mar 2020 : UPDATE

As is everything else these days, the work needed at the NCEI end to provide access to near real-time foF2 data is delayed UFN by the COVID-19 pandemic.

08 Mar 2020 : UPDATE

I am working with the NCEI to download foF2 data from their servers and am now able to generate SSNe estimates after-the-fact. I plan to be running a daily updated SSNe analysis in the next few days, and hope to be back to hourly within the month.

28 Feb 2020 : Note Regarding Current SWPC Policy on Ionosonde Data

I have been notified by Chris Lauer of the Space Weather Prediction Center that they will no longer be providing real-time ionosonde observations. After providing these data since 1997 the SWPC has now decided that these data are "not considered operational." I have been directed to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) as a source for these data. This will require major changes to my download and processing system, so it may be a while until this product comes back on line, if ever.

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