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Note: This plot is updated daily. Follow me for hourly SSNe updates.

This plot provides a look at the progression of the solar cycle over the past year. Two parameters are plotted: the daily effective SSN (solid line) based on analysis of ionospheric foF2 data, and the daily F10.7 SSN based on the observed Penticton 10.7cm solar radio flux. The foF2 and 10.7cm solar flux data used in these calculations were obtained from the NOAA SWPC.

The heavy dashed line in the SSNe plot indicates the maximum 24-hour SSNe that has been observed so far during Cycle 24. This might be from any of the SSNe values calculated during the day, so it might not correspond with the daily SSNe values shown elsewhere on this website. The maximum observed SSNe is calculated once daily, just after 0000 UT.

Please note that the SSNe values plotted here were calculated in near real-time from a limited data set. If you are interested in post-analysis SSNe values calculated from a more representative data set, please contact NWRA.

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