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Northwest Research Associates, Inc., (NWRA) can provide a range of services in the field of space weather and its effects on a wide range of systems and operations. While our forte is the earth's ionosphere and its effects on the transionospheric propagation channel, we can provide either direct support or referrals to colleagues with the right experience and capabilities to meet the needs of almost any customer. We have over three solar cycles, 30+ years, of experience in space weather, and have worked in this field as researchers (both theoretical and experimental), developers, and consultants.

NWRA is a recognized world leader in ionospheric modeling, particularly in the critical field of ionospheric scintillation. We developed and maintain the only global model for ionospheric scintillation, the WBMOD model, and as its developers we know best how to use this model to assess the potential for scintillation impact on a user's system or operations. We can also assess other potential ionospheric impacts on a system, such as Faraday rotation or time delay, using other ionospheric and propagation models. We have assisted previous customers in system design, space environment impact assessments, long- term operational planning, and in trouble-shooting problems experienced during operations. Our customers include government agencies, (including the USAF Weather Agency, the USAF Space and Missile Systems Organization, and the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center), as well as commercial organizations (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Ball Aerospace). Our scintillation web pages describe scintillation and our model in more detail, and our scintillation support page provides details and examples of the types of support we can provide.

NWRA can also provide general assistance with space-weather problems. We monitor the state of the near-earth space environment using data collected by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). A sampling of the data and analyses we use for this can be found on our Space Weather Indices web pages. Any of the products shown on these pages can be provided in forms more tailored for a particular users' needs, and new products can be generated from other SWPC data and products.