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Real-Time Ionospheric Scintillation Data

Sample TEC and scintillation plots from NWRA receiver at Gakona, Alaska.

This page provides links to locations where real-time observations of ionospheric scintillation are available. Three of the links are to NWRA instruments tracking the VHF and UHF signals from a variety of satellites in low earth orbit from three sites in Alaska. The fifth link shows scintillation from a GPS receiver also located in Alaska. The NWRA instrument pages show plots of the relative Total Electron Content (TEC) along the path from the receiver to the satellite and time-series plots of both phase and intensity scintillation (the latter at both UHF and VHF). The GPS plot shows intensity scintillation (the S4 index) for one of the GPS L-band signals.

The data shown from the NWRA sites in Alaska were taken with receivers designed and built by NWRA for the purpose of making observations of TEC and phase and intensity scintillation using VHF and UHF signals from the old Navy Transit satellites and a number of newer scientific satellites that broadcast on nearly the same frequencies as the Transit system. These receivers are part of a chain across eastern Alaska which comprises the joint NWRA and University of Alaska Geophysical Institute (UAF) ionospheric tomography array. In the map below, sites tagged with stars have, or will soon have, NWRA receivers. Tomographic analysis from this chain can be found here.

Joint NWRA-UAF eastern Alaska tomography chain.

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