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Ionospheric Scintillation Effects - GPS Scintillation Impact

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This product is designed to assist GPS users in determining whether ionospheric scintillation might be a potential problem for their application. For each of the GPS satellites, identified by PRN, the product provides an indicator of when scintillation levels exceed certain user-specified thresholds as a function of time. In this particular version of the product, a heavy red line indicates that scintillation levels exceeded a user-defined outage level more than 60% of the time, a yellow line indicates that the threshold was exceeded more than 30% of the time, and a green line indicates that the threshold was exceeded less than 30% of the time. A black dotted line indicates that the particular satellite was below a user-defined elevation angle. The information used to generate the plot, the probability that the specified threshold was exceeded for each satellite as a function of UTC, is also available in tabular form for use with other tools such as the Analytical Graphics Satellite Toolkit (STK).

This product is generated for a specific location and for a specific set of geophysical conditions. It is based on the WBMOD scintillation climatology, and thus provides estimates of the probability that a specified threshold is exceeded along each ground-to-GPS raypath based on that climatology.


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