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NOTICE: This section of the NWRA website will be closing down on 30 June 2024 after 28 years
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Space Weather Indices

This page provides access to plots of several indices of solar and geomagnetic activity that are frequently used as inputs to space-weather models. Brief definitions of each of the indices plotted are as follows:

Additional information defining the various indices are included with the expanded plots that are obtained by clicking on the "button" versions of the plots on this page. References for the various indices are listed at the end of each page of expanded plots.

Tabular listing of selected indices.

Maps of Geomagnetic Latitude and Regimes

Near Real-Time Plots

Picture Plot of (Provisional) Kp Geomagnetic Activity Index, DSCOVR solar wind data, GOES Magnetometer data

Picture Plot of Qe Auroral Oval Index, DSCOVR solar wind data, GOES Magnetometer data

Plots of Daily Indices

Picture 1-8 Angstron Solar X-ray Flux

Picture 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux (Observed and Inferred)

Picture Geomagnetic Daily Ap Index (Provisional)

Picture Comparison of SSN Indices

PICTURE Plots of NOAA/SWPC 27-day F10 and Ap Forecasts

The data shown in these plots came from the following sources:

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